Upcoming: F1 2019 Russian GP


Just a week after Singapore surprised everyone with Ferrari unexpectedly, even for them, finishing 1-2, and Mercedes and Red Bull not performing at all as anyone expected, there is no rest for the teams as the Russian Grand Prix takes place in Sochi this weekend.

Russia hasn’t been known for producing the most exciting races since it came onto the modern calendar in 2014, but it could potentially be an interesting one. With Ferrari now seeming to have found some downforce to add to their mighty straight line speed, there might be questions as to whether Mercedes have something to worry about for the remainder of the season.

Charles Leclerc

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc are now tied on points for third place in the driver’s championship, two firey drivers that won’t, and haven’t, given an inch, the battle between them could get exciting for Sochi and the rest of the season which will be definitely something worth watching.

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