Upcoming: F1 2019 Abu Dhabi GP Finale


The last race of the year, under the lights in Abu Dhabi. Whenever the championships have already been wrapped up, the gloves are always off for the remaining races and the last race out in Brazil was a bit of a banger, ending in Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz getting their first podiums in Formula One.

Abu Dhabi hasn’t always held the most exciting races but our hopes are high after Brazil, and last year one of the most iconic and moving moments in recent F1 history took place as we said farewell to two time world champion Fernando Alonso, and he along with Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton gave us plenty of doughnuts to remember the moment by. This year we say goodbye to Nico Hulkenburg so hopefully we get some more doughnuts this year. Roll on 2020!

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