These Are My Favourite YouTubers


YouTube can be a place full of mindless chaos but if you go to the right places it’s not always a waste of time. My favourite YouTubers are from channels that offer something actually worth watching, for their knowledge, skills and well produced videos.

In no particular order of preference here we go.


Fantastically produced and edited videos with access to some of the worlds best cars, James always puts together polished content that never lacks excitement or enthusiasm.

Seen Through Glass

Sam edits his videos like a pro and his Drive The World series which involves him visiting countries all over the world and using his own car when possible is fascinating.

Tom Scott

Tom’s videos will teach and show you things you didn’t know about before, his videos are short but endlessly interesting. He gets to share incredible locations and also makes videos about language and computers.

Adam Savage’s Tested

I have hardly any making ability or interest in building anything myself, however watching ex-Mythbuster Adam Savage in the One Day Build series create whatever it happens to be I find to be hugely captivating.

Jerry Rig Everything

Ever wanted to see someone torture a phone? That’s what Zack does, but not just for fun, he reveals the manufacturing processes of all the phones you’d want to know about, and more. Seeing inside the latest flagship is always intriguing, even though I cringe every time he scrapes the phone with a razor blade.


It doesn’t stand for what you think it stands for, WTF1 means “Who’s The Fastest 1”. These guys are the lighthearted side of Formula 1 and motorsport. Their race review podcast video is always something to look forward to after a hectic race weekend and they’re also very knowledgeable and have videos that will help you understand the sport.

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