River Walk 16/10/19


It’s been a while since I had a walk down the river that is my usual birding spot. As it happens the weather was perfect despite the breeze being a little chilly when in the shade, the light was fantastic and in the sunshine the temperature was fine.


  • Canon 70D
  • Canon 100-400mm
  • Razer Phone with GCam installed
  • Hawke 10×43 Binoculars

I wanted to experiment with my phone’s camera too and was impressed with the HDR+ setting that comes with the Google Camera software.

As usual I’m always on the look out for the local Otters but also, as usual, they go unseen since my second visit to the river. Next on the list of things to look out for are the Kingfishers that live along the river, these have turned out to be quite reliable and I see them 99% of the time I am there, this time there were two, they are hard to photograph though because they stay on the far side of the river. It seemed like there was a particular tree the Kingfisher was coming back to so I stood for quite a while in the same spot, during that time a Sparrowhawk flew overhead. Little Egrets flew across the field as did a Kestrel, a Cormorant flew upriver, a distant Buzzard was calling and a Jay was collecting food from a nearby tree. Thanks to the way birdwatching works, I had just started to walk away from that spot when the Kingfisher came back and perched in the tree! So I went back and got some distant shots of it.

To get into the sunshine so that I could warm up a bit after standing in the shade for a while I crossed over the lock to the small but high up area that overlooks the fast-flowing part of the river. Here another (probably the same one) Sparrowhawk was up in the sky along with distant Buzzards, the Grey Wagtails were back down by the lock where I would have been standing. But up where I was standing I was joined by a pair of Pied Wagtails that were quite the posers and made my day to get some decent photos.

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