I Want A Microsoft Surface Duo


At its Surface Event in New York, Microsoft has launched its new Surface product line, including; new Surface Ear Buds, updated Surface Pros and the Surface Neo which runs on their new Windows 10 X operating system.

But you can keep all of those because they also revealed the Microsoft Surface Duo, or “Surface Phone” for everyone who was hoping for this moment. And I want one.

New Surface Devices

It won’t launch until “Holiday 2020″, which is a frustratingly long time away, and what we’ve seen so far is still an early preview so there’s plenty of time for things to change and be finalised. I still find it quite an exciting prospect already though. It has two 5.6″ displays which can fold out on their 360 degree hinge into its full 8.3” form.

Surface Duo

There are few details but Microsoft has partnered with Google to run the Duo on Android, unlike previous Microsoft mobile devices, and it supports the new Surface Pen. During the announcement video it was also shown streaming Forza Horizon 4 on Microsoft’s new Project X Cloud game streaming service.

I’ve had Microsoft phones in the past before they died and actually really enjoyed them, and ever since they disappeared lots of people including me have been waiting for this to happen.

Watching the Surface Event live I was excited by the new Neo which is a larger two screen device but that went out the window once the ringtone started playing. And now I’m pretty excited about this, I’m not expecting it to be cheap though.

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