HS2 is a Disaster for Nature


I’m mostly relaying information from people who know a great deal more than me on this subject but I think it’s worth sharing.

HS2 is a disaster, it’s going to cost a colossal amount of money which could be better spent elsewhere, and it will destroy so much natural habitat including ancient woodland and SSSI’s (Sights of Special Scientific Interest) which are supposed to be highly protected. It will even involve exhuming 60,000 bodies and headstones.

This website has lots of facts surrounding HS2 and with sources to back them up http://hs2facts.co.uk/

There has been a lot of debate from both sides over HS2 and the effects it may have but I don’t need convincing that destroying woodland and other ecosystems important for wildlife is a bad idea, and neither should you, it’s obvious.

If you’re in the UK you can join Naturalist Chris Packham at Euston Station in London on the 28th September to make a stand against this project, you’re also encouraged to bring a tree in a pot. More details here http://www.chrispackham.co.uk/euston-we-have-a-problem

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