Hey Google, Turn On Xbox


Good news! After being able to use Alexa and Cortana to control your Xbox for a while now, you can now use your Google Assistant to control your Xbox One thanks to a new beta released by Microsoft.

To use commands like:

  • “Hey Google, play Gears 5 on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, turn on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, turn off Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, launch YouTube on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, pause on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, resume on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, volume up on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox.

You’ll need to join this Google Group and follow the following instructions.

In the Google Home app for iOS or Android – Tap “+ Add”Tap “Set up device”Tap “Have something already set up?”Search for and select “[beta] Xbox” Sign in with the Microsoft account you use on XboxFollow the instructions to link your Xbox and give it a device name.

For a full list of commands and other information take a look at https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxinsiders/comments/d9jcjf/get_started_with_xbox_for_google_assistant/

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